2010 Northeast Region Website

Farming and Mining

We are going to be teaching you about mining.  In Vermont and Maine granite and marble are mined.  In Pennsylvania a lot of coal is mined also.  High-tech manufacturing is popular in the northeast.  New Jersey leads the nation in making chemicals.  There are over 900 chemical plants in New Jersey.

    We are going to be teaching you about farming.  Dairy farming is very common in most of the Northeast.  Pennsylvania produces over 1 billion gallons of milk a year.  Fruits and vegetables are grown along the coasts of Maine, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.  They are also common along the Great Lakes in New York and Pennsylvania.  These places grow more fruits and vegetables because they get more rainfall.  Many grapes are grown in the Northeast. They are grown in vineyards.  Vineyards are usually found in hilly areas.  A lot of barnyards are in New York by Lake Erie.  Cranberries are raised in the state of Massachusetts.  Massachusetts raises two million barrels of cranberries a year.  Half of all the cranberry farms in the United States are in Massachusetts.  Cranberries are raised in bogs which has soil that is wet and spongy.  The soil is also sandy.  When they are ready to harvest the cranberries they flood the field and the cranberries float to the top.  Maple Syrup is also a very popular farm product.  Maple Syrup is made from the sap of the sugar maple tree.  Vermont is the number one state for producing maple syrup.  The sap is collected from the trees in the spring.  The farmers drill holes in the trees, and the farmers place a spout in the tree. The sap goes into a bucket as it runs through the spout.  The sap is boiled down in a sugar house.  It takes forty gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.   Some parts of the Northeast aren't used for any farming because of the mountains and forests.

                                                             By: Hanna,Justin, ZACH