2010 Northeast Region Website


The Northeast has a lot of people living there.  One out of every five Americans live there.  Most of the people in the Northeast live along the Atlantic Coast.  Many large cities are located along the coast.  This heavily populated area is called a Megalopolis.  Many suburb have grown by larger cities.  A suburb is a smaller city right by a larger city.   Many people have moved to suburbs because suburbs are less crowded and transportation has made it easier to travel back to the large cities to work. 

  The Northeast has a lot of forests because it close to the ocean, and it gets more precipitation.  Most of the forests in the Northern part of the Northeast are mixed forests. Mixed forests have both  broadleaf and needleleaf trees.  Most of the Northeast forests in the Southern part of the Northeast have broadleaf forests.  Eight out of the eleven states in the Northeast are over half covered by forests.  Maine is 90% covered by forests.  New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland are the only states less than 50% covered by forests.  This is because these states are heavily populated.  New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland are also on the Coastal  Plain.                                  By: Samantha,Jayden, and Cain.