2010 Northeast Region Website


     We are going to tell you about the Northeast climate.  The Northeast climate is neither hot or cold.  Two things that effect the Northeast's climate are the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean.  In the summer the ocean brings in cool breezes that cools down the temperatures along the coast.  In the winter the ocean currents bring warmer breezes to the land along the coast.  New England winters are cold and can get as low as 18 degrees.  There is a lot of snow. As much as 150 inches can fall in some areas.  Mid Atlantic winters are still cold and snowy but not as cold or snowy as the New England states.  New England summers are short, moist, and cool with highs only in the high 60's and low 70's.  Mid Atlantic summers are hotter and more humid than the  New England states.  Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are similar in temperatures because they are farther north than the other states.  These states are the coldest.  As you move south the average temperatures get warmer.  The states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland have warmer average temperatures in January and July than the three northern most states in the Northeast.  New York and Pennsylvania have similar temperatures because they are farther from the ocean, and they are not effected by ocean breezes as much as the other Northeast states.  Iowa, which is in the Midwest, in January has a colder  average temperatures than most Northeast states because Iowa is far from the ocean and Iowa is surrounded by land.  Land heats up and cools faster than water.  In July Iowa is warmer than most Northeast states.  Iowa has a continental climate not a marine climate.  Some of the Northeast has a marine climate.  Places close to the ocean have a marine climate.


     The range for precipitation in the Northeast is 30 to 40 inches.  Places along the Atlantic Ocean get 40 to 80 inches of rainfall.  The Northeast gets more rain than Iowa because they are closer to the Atlantic Ocean.  Most of the Northeast has a marine climate because it is closer to the Atlantic Ocean.  Iowa has a continental climate because Iowa is  surrounded by land.
                                                                        By:Lily, Joey, Isaac, and Brianna